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With more than 15 years of experience, we know how to deliver custom web design services! Through our approach to modern website design, we help businesses and organizations launch successful websites.

When you work with Midwest Business Solutions, you will find we take the time to understand your requirements and goals for the new website. This helps us make an informed suggestion regarding the best CMS platform for your custom web development services. From there, we can talk with you about the differences between custom and template-based website designs.

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Determine the Goals of Your Website

It’s important to understand what your goals are before hiring a custom web design company. These are the most common goals we hear from clients interested in a custom website:

We have the necessary experience to deliver on such goals! If you’d like, give us a call at 785-259-0698 to discuss more. From there, we can help you determine the best CMS platform for your custom web development project!

Choose The Best CMS Platform

Most websites on the internet are built within a Content Management System (CMS) to make it easy for the website owner to modify the website after it is launched. We have experience in WordPress, Adobe Express, Squarepace, Wix and React. For new custom web designs we almost always recommend WordPress.

WordPress has a market share of more than 40% of all websites on the internet that use a CMS. That is the main reason we choose to specialize in WordPress – it is simply the most popular platform you can choose for your website. The following reasons make WordPress the best platform for designing custom websites.

Questions to Ask a Custom Website Developer

Before hiring a custom web development company, or even a freelance website designer, you should consider asking a few questions that will help you better understand the type of website you will receive.

Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked by businesses looking for a custom web designer:

Do you outsource your custom website development services?

Midwest Business Solutions does not outsource website design project, whether they are custom or template-based websites.

Do you create 301 redirects for URLs that change during a redesign?

Midwest Business Solutions always creates 301 redirects to help preserve search engine placements after the launch of a new website.

Do you create mockups before starting web development work?

Midwest Business Solutions creates mockups for custom web design projects that are not started from a template.

Which CMS platform do you recommend?

Midwest Business Solutions often recommends WordPress.

How fast is the turnaround for your custom web development services?

Midwest Business Solutions often launches custom websites within 8-12 weeks, and template-based websites within 2-3 weeks.

Our Custom Web Design Process

With more than 12 years of experience in custom web development, we have a solid understanding of how to build a successful website!

1.) Initial Sales Conversations

The first step in the web design process is to understand your company or organization, and the reasons you are looking for a new website. This will help us understand the best CMS platform to recommend, whether you need a custom or template-based design, how many pages you’ll need created, what type of functionality you require, and more.

2.) Kickoff Meeting

After you’ve chosen Midwest Business Solutions, we’ll schedule a kickoff conversation. This will introduce you to your project managers, and our web designers.

If you chose a custom web design service, we’ll discuss the creation of design mockups with you. Alternatively, if you chose a template web design service, we’ll discuss your preferred design styles to help us find and suggest a few third-party templates for the project.

3.) Design Approval

After you approve your design mockup (for a custom website), or your website template (for a template-based website), we’ll get time scheduled for a web developer to begin your project!

4.) Web Development Process

The website’s development phase often takes the longest to complete.

In a custom web development project, this is when we’ll start integrating your approved design into a custom theme, laying out your website content, adding in any custom functionality, etc.

For a template-based website project, this is when we’ll install your theme, remove demo content, add your actual website content, match the color scheme to your branding, and perform other tasks within the project.

The web development work is typically always performed on a password-protected staging environment. If you have an existing website, it will not be taken offline while we work on a new website for you.

5.) Website Launch

After your website is finished, we’ll schedule a launch date that’s convenient for everyone involved. If you would like training on how to edit content on your website, we’d be happy to schedule that before or after the launch of the website.

You’ll be happy you chose to work with our custom web design team!

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